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About The Studio

What Is Sustainable Design?

Sustainable design considers the entire product life cycle, and its impact on people and the planet. Because of this, we make our selections based on their quality, longevity, and end of life disposal options, and the ethics and sustainability practices of suppliers. We prioritize: - Natural Materials - Recycled Materials - Reuse of Heirloom, Sentimental, and Existing Items - Reinventing and Upcycling Items - Resale, Consignment, and Donation of Unused Items - Sustainable Waste Management

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What Is Sustainable Living?

Sustainable living includes reducing resource consumption and unnecessary waste, and selecting sustainable alternatives for consumables and household and personal care products. We help making transitioning into a more sustainable lifestyle easier by connecting our clients with products and brands we have personally vetted. We also provide coaching services to walk clients through the practical day-to-day application of sustainable practices and products.

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Our Aesthetic

While we tailor each project to the client's personal style, these are the ideas that inspire us.



Elevated and Relaxed

Fresh and Cheerful

Naturally Romantic

Honor the Past, Create the Future

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Our Process

Client's Needs
Existing Resources
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Necessary Changes
Implementation Strategy

The Founders

Melody and Jonathan Wunrow are a creative couple with backgrounds in design and audio production. They live in Greer, SC with their dog Daisy, and in their spare time love creating art together through modeling and photography.

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 Melody spends her free time playing with Daisy, catching up with friends, and enjoying nature. She also enjoys editorial-style modeling! 

CTO + Photographer

Jonathan enjoys his audio production business (mostly podcast production), playing music, playing disc golf, and brewing specialty coffee.

CEO + Designer

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