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A residential interior design firm based in the Greenville SC area specializing in bespoke, Lifestyle Informed Design™


We believe that every home should feel like a luxury vacation: an easy-to-maintain and relaxing oasis that rejuvenates and inspires. At Nowthen Studios, we create frustration-free interiors that maximize the potential of the home and turn it into a place full of adventure, rest, and exotic appeal. By tailoring your homes' functionality to your lifestyle, and shaping the aesthetic to reflect who you are, we turn your home into the ultimate destination!

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Elegant Bathroom

About the Studio

Nowthen Studios is a husband and wife team, passionate about creating interiors that improve well being, empower growth, and inspire and delight. Our goal is to create spaces that free up your time and energy to focus on what matters to you: your family and the life you are living. To achieve this, we employ a process we call Lifestyle Informed Design- asking the question “What kind of life do you want to live in this space?” and designing based on that answer. The result: spaces with enhanced functionality full of beauty and unique appeal.


Our studio offers a variety of services - from consultations to e-designs and custom full-service interior design. With every project, we prioritize tailoring the design to the individual personality and taste of the client, rather than that of the designer. In addition, because we know each project is unique, all of our offerings can be modified or upgraded with a la carte services to better suit your needs. To preview our consultation and e-design packages click the link below. For larger projects, please contact us to request an estimate.

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Client Love

Melody assisted us with transforming a 1950's 1650-sq. ft. drugstore into one of the most unique residential homes in South Carolina.  From architectural layouts to furnishings to esthetic staging, she goes above and beyond to get that reaction every homeowner wants when friends visit -- those two words:  WOW and COOL!  Even artists need inspiration and Melody brings that with superior creativity and an eye for detail.  Finding Melody Wunrow has truly been a blessing!

The Morris Family


Do you want a space that you are proud to share with those you love?

Reach out today, we'd love to help you turn your home into your dream destination!

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