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Nowthen Studios is a creative studio offering sustainable interior design and sustainable lifestyle consulting services. We are a husband and wife team who create immersive environments for the purpose of helping people engage with their values and community. Our goal is to make sustainable living accessible to everyone so that together we can build a beautiful future.
Kitchen Design

Sustainable Design

We believe that good design doesn't have to rely solely on traditional supply chain and manufacturing systems. Through partnerships with like-minded businesses, vendors, creatives, and craftsmen, we incorporate the reuse of existing resources, reducing waste and unnecessary consumption in our designs. Through this process we create environments that are a true representation of our clients and their values!

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Sustainable Living

Interior Design traditionally focuses on finishes, furniture, & decor. We, however, believe that a truly effective design must account for all of the activities that take place within a space. To accomplish this, our design includes creating sustainable systems for consumable items and making space in our lives for the proper disposal or EOL plan for the items we no longer need. Take the next step and design your life around sustainability! We work to dispel the myths surrounding a sustainable lifestyle and to help people from all walks of life take steps towards sustainable living.

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What We Do



Sustainable Residential and Commercial

Interiors and Exteriors



Environmentally Conscious Remodels, Renovations, and Makeovers



Impact Analysis,

Sustainable Living

Transition Planning,

and Follow-up Coaching



Sustainable Product Sourcing, Educational Resources, and Eco-Community Connections

Remodel: Before
Remodel: Before

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Remodel: After
Remodel: After

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Makeover: After
Makeover: After

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Remodel: Before
Remodel: Before

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What Clients Say

Melody assisted us with transforming a 1950's 1650-sq. ft. drugstore into one of the most unique residential homes in South Carolina.  From architectural layouts to furnishings to esthetic staging, she goes above and beyond to get that reaction every homeowner wants when friends visit -- those two words:  WOW and COOL!  Even artists need inspiration and Melody brings that with superior creativity and an eye for detail.  Finding Melody Wunrow has truly been a blessing!
The Morris Family
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