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Interior Designing

Meet the Team...

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Hello! My name is Melody Wunrow...

...and I am the Founder and Interior Designer at Nowthen Studios. For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with houses.

As a kid I built them out of Legos, leftover bricks, and cardboard boxes; I decorated my parents' shed to be a play house and built forts out of trees and anything else I could get my hands on. As a teen, this passion drove me to learn how to decorate, organize, and rearrange every room in the house. Everywhere I went, I wanted to make the environment around me beautiful, functionally intuitive, and effortless.


Today, interior design continues to fascinate me, and spurs me on to create homes with maximized functionality and aesthetic appeal. But more than this, I want to create environments full of fantasy and vibe. I’ve always had a big imagination - I’m a big romantic who is inspired by exotic and fantastical locations. Whether it’s a villa in the French countryside or Peter Pan’s tree house, I want to bring that sense of fantasy and those feelings of inspiration into my designs and people's lives. Transforming a home from a place of frustration into one that works seamlessly and effortlessly is amazing. But what is really rewarding is watching my clients’ eyes light up as they walk into their home and see it turned into a space full of wonder and delight.

If you would like to transform your home into a place you love to be in, reach out to us today! I would be delighted to help you turn your home into your dream destination!


Interior Designer/CEO


Our Story

Nowthen Studios is a women-owned small business founded in April 2022 by interior designer Melody Wunrow. After years in the industry, she noticed a growing need for interior design in the Greenville, SC area that is tailored to the unique needs of young professionals and modern families. While there are many designers in this area, only a few are focused on creating interior designs that are more than just aesthetics. Melody had a vision that interiors should be about people: their lifestyle, their dreams, their goals, and their community. That every home should be more than just a beautiful space; it should be the foundation and support that makes living the life you desire an effortless delight. Interiors shape our lives in subtle but dramatic ways, so in order to create the future and lifestyle we desire, we need interiors created intentionally to help us achieve those dreams. This is why she founded Nowthen Studios. To create spaces for people who value quality time with their loved ones; for people who choose experiences over things; for people who love investing in their community and supporting others who share their values; and for people who believe in responsible stewardship. Our mission is not to just design interiors, it is to design a way of living that is consistent with who you are and what you value.

Our Founder​

After growing up in the Mojave Desert of California, Melody married Jonathan Wunrow and moved to the east coast to begin their life together. Throughout her life she has traveled all over the US, lived in 15 different homes in 7 states, been involved in several different ministries, and studied a wide variety of arts, crafts, and homemaking skills. Her professional career has included kitchen and bath design, professional organizing, architectural drafting, window treatments, home decor and antiques, customer service, management, and independent interior design consulting. She is a winner of Greenville Technical College's Start-Up Support Scholarship, and received their Certificate in Small Business Management in 2021. Melody is a member of Greenville's Women in Construction Forum, a recent graduate of Jo Chrobak's Interior Design Business School in London, England, and is currently completing an internship with Architect Jane Ann Bolin of Wildflower Design Studio. In her spare time she enjoys being outdoors, fashion modeling, and spending time with her husband, Jonathan, and rescue dog, Daisy. In addition, she is an advocate for sustainability and a supporter of local non-profits Safe Harbor, Rebuild Upstate, and ReCraft. Melody loves hanging out with people and is passionate about using her skills to lift others up.

Our Values

At Nowthen Studios we value people, integrity, and corporate social responsibility. We are continually working towards implementing sustainabilty throughout all our processes; supporting local businesses, non-profits, and artisans; advocating for equality; and building genuine and intentional relationships within our community.

We seek to provide the absolute highest quality in our designs, recommended products, and customer service for our clients. Our approach is to create classic, timeless, and perfect-for-you designs so they will stand the test of time, maximizing your time, energy, and financial resources. We are creatives who love the art of our craft and harness that passion to serve our clients to the best of our ability. And last but not least, it is our desire and aim to infuse every project with joy from the beginning to the end!


Our studio offers a variety of services - from consultations to e-designs and custom full-service projects. Below is a short list of our consultation and e-design packages. Each option can be modified or upgraded with a la carte services to better suit your needs. Reach out today and we will get your project started!

Image by Mark Fletcher-Brown

Quiz me Consultation!

Do you have an area in your home that really bugs you? Maybe it's boring, empty, or awkward and you just don't know how to fix it? Get our designer's perspective and ideas with this low-cost package!


With this package you will get:

  • 2 Hour Virtual Consultation (instead of 90 minutes) with our expert designer to get her ideas and recommendations for fixing the problem area in your home

  • A summary and/or rough sketch of the solutions we discussed and tips for moving forward

  • A additional hour of post-project support to ask any questions and work out any hiccups you encountered during implementation.

Hand Holding Color Swatches

I Need a Color Scheme!

Are you completely lost when it comes to choosing paint and upholstery colors? We know that undertones and lighting affect the color and are difficult to get right. Let us help you choose the right colors to create a vibe that you are really pleased with!


With this package you will get:

  • A 90 Minute virtual consultation with our designer for her to get to know you, your style, and how you want the space to feel

  • A live call or video walk-through of your space to gauge existing furnishings & lighting

  • Three complete color schemes

  • One edit to your chosen color scheme

  • An inspiration mood board for your chosen color scheme

  • Light bulb recommendations

  • Painter referral if local

Building Planning

Fix My Floor Plan!

Have you moved into a new place and don't know how to arrange your furniture? Or are you entering a new life stage and things are simply not working for you now? Our designer is an expert at seeing and using space in ways you may not have thought of, and would love to help you fix your floor plan.


With this package you will get:

  • A 90 Minute virtual consultation with our designer for her to get to know you, your home, and what you need out of your floor plan.

  • Three 2D floor plans

  • One edit to your chosen floor plan.

  • A measurement & spacing plan to guide you during shopping

  • Instructions for incorporating existing furnishing

  • Instructions for coordinating with the rest of your home

  • A complimentary hour of post-project support

Design my Room Please!

For those on a budget, DIYers, or long-distance clients who need a full design to elevate of the main living areas in your home. I'll design it, you implement!


With this package you will get:

  • A 90 Minute virtual consultation

  • Two 2D floor plans

  • One edit to your chosen floor plan.

  • Two color schemes

  • One edit to your chosen color scheme

  • A style Mood board

  • A 1 hr virtual design presentation

  • Instructions on implementation, styling, & incorporating existing furniture & decor.

  • Specific paint selections

  • Material samples

  • Trade referrals (if applicable)

  • Shopping list of items on the mood board

  • A complimentary hour of post-project support to ask any questions and work out any hiccups.

Interior Designer


Do you want a space that you are proud to share with those you love?

Reach out today, we'd love to help you turn your home into your dream destination!

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